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Support and Levelling Columns for Micrometric Adjustment

Support Columns are precision engineering products used to support tops, plates or other items that need to have a Micrometric Height Adjustment, in order to make adjoining surfaces with different support levels flat or coplanar.

By using a micrometric leveller and a locking nut it is possible to adjust the height while the spherical tip decreases the frictional effort under load during adjustment operations, maintaining stability thanks to the hardened ball.

The Quality of Bonanomi Brand Products

Bonanomi's Support Columns are manufactured from G25 Cast Iron, while the levelling device is made from AVP Steel Bar which, thanks to its lead content, prevents seizing during adjustment and helps the sliding between threads.

In addition to Support Columns, our product range extends to grouting columns (bells). This product is widely used in the installation of Clamping Plates or for large machine tools: their characteristic is precisely that they can be incorporated by the cement during the base installation phase, and once the high-density cement mortar has dried, they guarantee a rigid and solid support on which the levellers can work to make the above-assembled complex linear or flat.

The Support Columns are manufactured in Cast Iron and have a machined upper surface, orthogonal to the M24 through-hole, concentric with respect to the support surface, for housing the relative tie-rod.

Machine Tool Levelling Feet

Another levelling and support element are the articulated Levelling Feet with anti-vibration support and micrometric screw, with a bushing between the screw and the foot which allows an adjustment to the floor conditions of about 10°.

Both the Support Columns and the Machine Tool Levelling Feet can be installed on all the types of articles we deal with, from clamping tables to striker plates, from table tops to electro-welded supports.

As an alternative to our standard precision mechanical industry products shown in the catalogue, Bonanomi can manufacture any dimensional footprint, using any material, in order to better comply with the needs and requests of the final customer.

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