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Squares are used in several precision mechanics sectors, both for mechanical operations and geometric control.

Their main feature is having a vertical plane (machined with T-slots or zero-point) orthogonal to the support base, according to standard DIN 875; This directive sets out the maximum deviation a vertical plane can have relative to its base.

Square are usually used on chip removal machines since they ensure a better utilization of work plane (especially for moving-column milling machines) so to speed up work timing.

These items are made in ENGJL250 lamellar structured cast iron that, in comparison to electro-welded steel, has the hability to absorb milling machine vibrations, decreasing both troubles on machined surfaces and machine tool deterioration.

More than one item can be used for larges squares to form the required size; this type of square is very versatile since the modularity of the structure allows it to be used in many types of clamping operations.

Squares can be customized in size and be supplied with 14-28mm T-slots as in table DIN 650 with H7 and H12 tolerance.



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