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The Clamping Plates with T-slots, which can be made of either steel or Cast iron, allow modular equipment to be assembled with extreme rigour. In Bonanomi's Precision Mechanical Workshop, we make them from size 200x200 up to 10,000x2,500 mm.

clamping planks WITH T-SLOTS

Clamping Planks are Precision Mechanical Industry Products machined from rolled steel or cast iron plates on which clamping is obtained by means of T-slots or grids of threaded holes to which hardened bushes (zero point) can be added for greater positioning accuracy.

The thickness of the planks varies according to production requirements and the size of the T-slots.

Modular and customised clamping planks

The Clamping Planks made of Bonanomi can be produced with modularity of use, starting from the single module and then adding others of equal nature or with different layout.

The article also lends itself to personalisation of already existing surfaces by recreating a support surface according to functional specifications to modify the geometry of the pieces or the diversity of the products to be processed. They can be used on both horizontal and vertical machine tables (to recreate, for example, the work surface of a large 3000x1000 Clamping Squares), on 3 to 6 axis machining centres or on palletised centres.

Holes with lamination are used for fixing on the machine table and can be supplied with keys for geometric alignment with respect to the X, Y slides.

Vacuum surfaces such as VACUM tables or oil-dynamic closing systems can also be supplied on request.

The difference with Clamping Plates

The main difference to our flagship product, the Clamping Plates, is the reduced thickness and the lack of levelling systems, which can be reproduced with special levelling systems if required.

Available in sizes from 200x200 fine to 10,000x2,500 mm.

As an alternative to our standard precision mechanical industry products shown in the catalogue, Bonanomi can produce any dimensional dimension, using any material, in order to better comply with the needs and requests of the final customer.

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