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Mounting and Parallel Boxes have a similar application in the mechanical field. In our Precision Mechanical Workshop, we make them with T-slots, with or without ribs and in different sizes: ask for them in the express shop!

Mounting and Parallel boxes

Mounting and Parallel Boxes have a similar application in the mechanical field: they are used as a fixture both for chip removal machining and for the Inspection or Assembly of Mechanical Parts.

Widely used on machining centres as vice supports, they facilitate milling operations by avoiding the encumbrances of head indexing or roto-tilting tables, problems that are difficult to overcome without suitable equipment.

G25 Cast Iron Mounting Boxes

Mounting and Parallel boxes are manufactured in Bonanomi's Precision Mechanical Workshop from G25 Cast Iron with a lamellar structure, which gives extreme compressive rigidity and a surface hardness of 170-190 HB.

Thanks to the slow cooling process in the clamp, the boxes are de-tensioned, i.e. free from surface and internal tensions that could otherwise affect the machining process and the achievement of the relevant tolerances.

Customised Mounting and Parallel Boxes

In detail:

  • The Mounting Boxes have a T-Slot surface with at least two T-slots.
  • The Parallel Boxes have smooth surfaces that can be customised to meet production requirements.

All surfaces are ground according to DIN 876 and 875, which guarantees squareness, flatness and parallelism on all surfaces. In addition to the dimensions shown in the table, we can supply products to customer specifications.

As an alternative to our standard Precision Mechanical Industry Products shown in the catalogue, Bonanomi can produce any size, using any material, to better meet the needs and requests of the end customer.


Mounting Boxes: All Sizes

Parallel boxes Without Nervature

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