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We manufacture Cast Iron Cubes for Machine Tools and Clamping Towers to improve workpiece placement and machining conditions. Do you have specific requirements? Contact us now, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Clamping Cubes (or parallelepipeds) are generally used on both small and large milling machines to improve workpiece positioning or machining conditions. They can be supplied either single-deck, with orthogonal planes or multi-deck, depending on production requirements.

Like all Machine Tool Accessories, the purchase perspective must follow a logic of improvement of the characteristics of the machining itself (elimination of vibrations, modification of the work table, reduction in the number of set-ups per piece).

Clamping Cubes for Machine Tools

Generally, Bonanomi's Clamping Cubes for Machine Tools are produced with T-slots, according to DIN 650 standard, or with a grid of holes (threaded hole + H7 lamination for hardened masking sleeve) according to requirements.

Like most of our Precision Mechanical Products, the Clamping Cubes are made of G25 Cast Iron with a lamellar structure, thermally de-tensioned by slow cooling of the casting in the clamp.

Clamping Towers

We also manufacture Clamping Towers, which consist of Monolithic Structures in G25 Cast Iron, executed with two opposed vertical hollow planes, very useful especially on large boring machines or in any case on machines that use rotating tables, such as palletised machining centres.

The Clamping Towers can replace the Clamping Squares thanks to the presence of an additional plane that can be used only if the table rotation is present.

The Towers and Cubes for machine tools are customised in terms of size according to the requirements of each individual customer, in order to guarantee maximum product flexibility.

As an alternative to our standard Precision Mechanics Products shown in the catalogue, G.Bonanomi can manufacture any dimensional dimension, using any material, in order to better comply with the needs and requests of the final customer.

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