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Clamping plates are widely used in the general mechanical sector for several operations e.g. mechanical machining, mounting, acceptance tests, both dynamic and static tests (test benches).

They are G25 cast iron casting with a lamellar structure, material which is very well suited to these applications since cast iron has an excellent effect on the damping of vibrations. Thanks to its structure, iron cast is crushproof under load and resistant to compression so it can guarantee the planarity maintenance.

Their main feature are T-slots on the working surface suited to modular clamping allowed by scrolling dowels along the grooved surfaces.

Most important feature is height adjustment during installation so that we can satisfy every positioning requirement (grouting to floor, anchoring to floor, columns or electrowelded support).

Adjustment is carried out on the working surface using micrometrical levelers placed into casings machined into casting itself.

The plates are supplied with all installation accessories, "turnkey" delivered;

Once plates are mounted and positioned, we guarantee planarity according to standard DIN 876, linearity of slots, impermeability due to closure covers with OR.

The capacity of the plates can vary according to the customer’s requirements; in fact, by replacing the type of levelling element used and plane thickness we can withstand loads ranging from 5 T/m2 to 50 T/ m2.

Modularity is an important characteristic of this product since plates can be tied together both longitudinally and transversely with dedicated manufacturing which guarantees rigidity and impermeability.


clamping plates

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