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The Bonanomi Control Block can be used for both checking and placing on machine tools, while the Control Cylinders are useful for checking squareness and flatness of vertical walls.

Cylinders and Control Block

The Control Block is a precision mechanical industry product useful for both control and positioning on machine tools. The main feature of Control Blocks is to house a cylindrical element between the V-shaped walls so that the part is centred in its housing. The blocks are therefore mainly used in pairs and can be of two types: 1 V and 4 V.

Cast Iron Control Block

The 1V Control Blocks have two side slots for clamping and a central V for workpiece housing. On the other hand, the 4V Control Blocks has 4 Vs with different amplitudes, 1 for each external surface.

They are normally used on reference tables for marking, aligning and checking cylindrical workpieces, or for Positioning and Fixing Cylinders on Machine Tools. The material used is Grey Cast Iron G30 with a surface hardness of 200-220 HB with lamellar structure, very resistant to wear.

The Control Block can be machined in two accuracy classes:

  • accuracy ± 0.01 ground
  • accuracy ± 0.05 milled

Control Cylinders

The Control Cylinders is a machined cylinder that can be used as a gauge to check the squareness and flatness of vertical walls. Its characteristics are cylindricity and squareness.

In Bonanomi's precision mechanical workshop it is made of both steel and cast iron and is normally used in both metrology and production.

As an alternative to our standard Precision Mechanical Industry Products shown in the catalogue, G.Bonanomi can produce any dimensional encumbrance, using any material, in order to better comply with the needs and requests of the final customer.

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