Our company was founded in 1946 and has been operating on the market for years, first as a manufacturer of measuring and control tools, later extending its production to the production of large dressing plates supplied to the main manufacturers of 3D (COORD3, HEXAGON METROLOGY, ZEISS measuring machines); over the years we expanded our production to the field of clamping accessories such as plates, benches for milling machines, squares, cubes, sub-frames.

The iron castings are produced in Italy and Rumania with the best iron and steel techniques while almost all the machining is carried out in-house. The casting patterns can be made with new technologies such as polystyrene, lowering fixed costs and shortening material delivery times.

The products are checked through the production process and inspected before being sent to the customer, with the issue of an inspection and conformity certificate. The technical office works together with the buyer in achieving ad hoc solutions for special requirements on items in any shape, size and material.

Over the last decade we have specialised in the supply of dressing surfaces with T-slots which we continue to supply to leaders in the sector such as FIDIA, INSEBERARDI, LAZZATI, MECOF, PAMA, PARPAS, PIETRO CARNAGHI, OMV and SORALUCE.

Starting from a pattern in a core box, as a single part measuring from 2000x1500x300 up to 7000x2000x350, and with a minimum capacity of 15 ton/m2 and a maximum capacity of 50 ton/m2; the plates can be placed alongside each other and joined until they reach the required dimensions; the benches are accompanied by accessories for mounting and installation such as clamping columns, micrometric levelling elements, semi-flat tie bars, liquid seals and channels for collecting cooling liquid, etc.

Our company carries out planing operations on cast iron and steel surfaces; the peculiarity of this finishing process is that the characteristics of the work surface are maintained in the long term thanks to a higher surface hardness and fewer points of contact on the same so as to ensure less friction when the part is clamped into place, preventing the annoying suction effect.

Thanks to our machine range we can carrying out milling, boring and grinding operations for our customers; we also have a department dedicated to precision engraving using pantographs on rings and plates of any shape and material.