Surface plates are “small” dressing plates used to monitor and mount small parts. They are composed of grey G25 pearlitic structured lamellar cast iron with a hardness of between 18 and-210 HB. These are supplied with a machined surface and perfectly orthogonal edges; the type of finish also has an impact on the degree of final precision:
•Ground and scratched they are classified within level II° of table DIN 876
•Ground and scraped they are classified within level I° of table DIN 876

The fundamental characteristic of this type of product is its flatness relative to the work surface.

The plates have three support legs machined parallel to the surface.

They are available in sizes from 200x200 to 3000x1000.

As an alternative to our standard products shown in the catalogue, G.Bonanomi can also produce any size, using any material, to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the customer.