Columns are used for supporting and levelling dressing and surface plates. Made from G25 stabilised cast iron, the column rests on the ground on three points.

The number of columns to be used for each plate is dictated by the weight it has to support and the required flatness precision.

Available in various sizes, the levelling element is supplied with micrometric AVP steel screws and lock nut while the cap is made from a steel ball bearing.

We also supply levelling components for clamping plates composed of a micrometric screw, called a levelling element, and columns for anchoring to the floor; the types used by us are:
•Levelling element M48x2 CH50 and lock nut CH60
•Levelling element M55x2 and adjusting nut CH55
•Levelling element M82x3 and adjusting nut CH80

Our company also supplies articulated adjustment legs with anti-vibrating support and micrometric screw with a sleeve between the screw and the leg which allows an adjustment to floor conditions of around 10°.

As an alternative to our standard products shown in the catalogue, G.Bonanomi can also produce any size, using any material, to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the customer.

Some types of columns

Screws for levelling from below