Control rules are essential tools in any mechanical company; they are used for checking mechanical parts and machined surfaces, or for checking and aligning heads to be milled or for checking the geometry of the machine itself.

They are very accurate elements with ground and scraped surfaces.
They are obtained from grey G25 pearlitic structured lamellar cast iron ideal for these types of usages since they are extremely hard and have excellent thermal stability.

There are two types of rules:

• with a bridge composed of a work surface and two support legs in opposite corners. The structure is designed with ribs and holes to decrease the tool’s weight to prevent it from bending while being used

• with a double-T formed by two overlapping work surfaces plus side surfaces also machined to allow the rule to be used at 90°; discharged in the centre to make it lighter, it can be supplied with handles for transportation.

Since these are control elements, this product can be supplied with drawers for storing the part so that their dimensional characteristics can be protected. This type of material is machined respecting the characteristics shown in DIN 876 and 875 tables.

As an alternative to our standard products shown in the catalogue, G.Bonanomi can also produce any size, using any material, to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the customer.